When too much becomes nothing
and nothing becomes to much


A collaborative theater project with Inga Hirsch, Omer van Soldt, Wiggo Mott, Andrzej Konieçzny, Levi Kramer, Charlotte Roschka and Myra-Ida van der Veen

When too much becomes nothing and nothing becomes too much is constructed around a paradoxical notion of the musical term - decrescendoDecrescend is diminishing intensity; decrescen is moving energy; decresce is the deconstruction of chaos into a moment of temporality; decresc is the collective straining into a new pattern. The nature of decres is double-faced and does not exist in emptiness. All decre is dynamic, and in context to the other. We hear, see and perceive decr because something happened before. Throughout dec we are opening up space for exploring previously unseen and unheard happenings. Reducing de then to a simple moment in time, that coincidentally happens to exist on stage. D is crescendo.

ZAAL 3, The Hague, Netherlands
Feburary, 2023

Mar Fu Qi