Sculpt / Sù 塑

Live Performance

Stretching, curling, twisting
Being stretched, curled, twisted
Moved by movement
Self (being) sculpted
Self - sculpting, shaped by whoever is present

This work is exploring the concept of ‘touching’ in different dimensions: within material, media, sensation, as well as conceptually. Using my body as a medium to explore interaction between myself and the audience.

I am creating a ‘surfaces’ for my body - an external skin that also shapes my movement - both fluidly and restricted. This ‘skin’ hides any unique characteristics of the individual, forming the body into abstraction, being defined by the people’s reading. People hold the means to shape a body.

I expose myself by amplifying the sound of my heart-beat, breath and voice which changes naturally with movement and carries my emotion. My internal sound passes through the ‘surface’, touching the people’s ears. Even though we have distance.

This performance is formed through the interaction with the audience and myself.