My current practice aims to construct situations and create self-directed environments to ‘manipulate’ the actions of the audience and for their actions to trigger new situations. This is not only an individual action, but a collective action, and the interaction between different individuals. Therefore, the main medium of my work is 'action'. 

I want to challenges the art-and-spectator relationships by creating a viewing-in-action experience that explores the dynamic between the individual its environment, its collective and its social system.

During this half year I have experimented with three works. Conceptually, they each discussed ‘Consensus’, ‘Projection’ and ‘Expectation/desire’; systematically, I explored the relationship between the situation, the audience and me. Experientially, I try to create a feeling of 'enjoying and suffering/struggling' for the audience. In the three experiments I tried with different forms of instruction, different intensities of intervention and different combinations of media to finding a balance between conceptual communication, system design and audience experience.

Make It Fit


Collective Concert