Give Sound A Ride


The term 'usher' refers to the act of providing guidance and assistance to someone. Ushers play a critical role in customer service and hospitality, ensuring that facilities operate smoothly and efficiently. You may encounter ushers in various places such as cinemas, theaters, concert halls, hotels, airplanes, and event arenas, where their friendly and helpful demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere for patrons. In addition, ushers often serve as performative characters who represent the organization they work for.

Give Sound A Ride is a mobile welcome improv concert; it is a gesture of hospitality and an exploration of the relationship between space, sound, and others. As performers and ushers, we improvise experimental sound pieces while also offering audiences a ride and a warm welcome.

I invite 6 musicians and 6 rowers together to explore the space between a serious concert and a relaxed, enjoyable gathering; between ‘performing’ and ‘not performing’. Express yourself but also listen to others.

This project is a happening at the opening of the programe Safe Space for Stupid Ideas, as a hospitality gesture to give audience a ride to the exhibition space.

Waterkant, The Hague, Netherlands
May, 2023

Photography: Anna Mølle