Collective Concert

2020 - Now

In this work, I want to create a factory assembly line like orchestra situation, and the moment the audience sits down, they become part of the assembly line, or part of the orchestra. This situation is set up to invite the audience to improvise music together. Unlike a regular jam session, I designed the 'instrument' so that each player can only play with one movement (stepping on the pedal) and can only play with one sound; one note, one tone. All they can control is the tempo, rhythm, and timing.

When the audience enters a 'collective concert' performance, a desire arise, which is an expectation for the concert. But then they realize that if they don't sit down, if they don't act, if they don't trigger the instrument, nothing will happen. But when a person sits down and starts to play, they realize that their own actions can only create monotonous and repetitive music, and that to meet the expectations of the 'concert', they need other people to join them, and they need the cooperation of the whole group.
Each instrument I designed looks similar, but the elasticity of the springs, the length of the metal rods, and the striking points of the different materials give each instrument a different sound and a different volume, each with its own characteristics.

The single movement of this instrument and its constant repetition can bring about exhaustion and boredom after a while.But when a whole is creating music, being part of a collective faces the choice of whether to continue for the sake of the whole or to stop and leave to relieve one's exhaustion.

If our desire is the product of our society, then it also needs to be fulfilled through society?

This experiment is a collaboration with Pelle Schilling