Tingyi Jiang is a interdisciplinary artist based in The Hague. She is currently studying at the ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of Art and Conservatory The Hague.

She interested in the idea of performance as a means of engaging with the world. Her works often composed by different media, material, space and herself to build a system or create certain situation, self-directing environments, which triggers audience actions. She explores identity, memory and perception through the relationship of personal everyday life and performativity of authority.


- 2020--Now
BA ArtScience Interfaculty
Royal Academy of Art and Conservatory The Hague

-Sep,2022- Jan.2023
BA Performance(Exchange Programe)
KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Gent

- 2015--2016
Exchange Programe Graphic Design / Media Production
Coventry University, United Kingdom

- 2013--2017
BA Advertising 
Communication University of China, Nanjing


[Pound it!] Fiber Festival, Oedipus, Amsterdam
[Number 0] POING, Rotterdam
[Give Sound A Ride] Safe Space For Stupid Ideas, Waterkant, The Hague
[When too much becomes nothing and nothing becomes too much] Zaal3, The Hague

[Pound it!] MOVE! A Distant Memory, The Grey Space In the Middle, The Hague
[Pound it!] Test_Lab: Summer Session, V2_ Rotterdam
[Pound it!] Traumburg Festival, Germany
[Ventriloquist Ontology] ISEA2022, Barcelona
[Ventriloquist Ontology] CTM X Athens Epidaurus Festival, Athens
[SCLPT] Traversing Bodies, Het HEM, Zaandam
[Make it fit] Home-Frontiers of the Domestic,my home, The Hague
[Elbows On The Table] Korzo, The Hague
[SCLPT]Evidence in Motion, iii workspace, The Hague
[Midnight Wellness Retreat] The Performance Bar, Rotterdam
[Togethere] Zaal3, The Hague

[Incidental Realities] Paikka, Budapest
[SCLPT] FÜZZ, Cultuurlab,Delft
[Midnight Wellness Retreat] MOVE!, The Grey Space In the Middle, The Hague
[Elbows On The Table] Front Row Festival, Radion, Amsterdam
[Ventriloquist Ontology] Soft Control, iii workspace, The Hague
[SCLPT] Traumburg Festival, Germany
[Sculpt: Undetected Existence] Nature, Melancholy in the Anthropocene, Church, The Hague
[Elbows On The Table] This Art Festival, De Kromhouthal, Amsterdam 
[Poly-ability] CLOUD/Danslab, The Hague


- 2021
[Internship] iii workspace, The Hague
[Residency] Cyberdrum Project, Nagymaros/ Budapest

[Screening] Saigon Experimental Film Festival, Ho Chi Minh City

- 2018
[Internship] HOW Art Museum, Shanghai
[Exhibition] A Beautiful Identity, Shanghai

- 2017
[Work] Graphic Designer at OMD, Shanghai
[Public Installation] <X.Lab> , Communication University of China, Nanjing
[Commission Work] Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai

[Internship] Brand Union, Shanghai

[Internship] Favotell, London